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To serve as dedicated, industrious, effective, and respected cultural ambassadors to Ghanaians in Sacramento and residents of the entire United States.


  1. To create social settings conducive to teaching and learning about Ghanaian culture and traditions through interactions among and between members, friends of Ghana and non-members alike. This includes providing social outlets and stimulating cultural educational experiences for GAS children and their non-Ghanaian counterparts.
  2. To provide a member resource and support network in such areas as employment in private and governmental sectors, higher education, vocational and technical expertise and tangible benefits to members to commemorate births, deaths and marriages.
  3. To work collaboratively with outreach and community service organizations in providing needed services to members of our adopted community as well as Ghanaians back home.
  4. To serve as a source of quality information and materials on the history and culture of Ghana.
  5. To be recognized in our community as a high quality leader organization, unparalleled in promoting and sharing Ghanaian culture with individuals, groups, and other organizations.
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